Events originate in the Zero galaxy, inhabited by many types of intelligent life. Millions of years of evolution and technological improvement have borne fruit: the galaxy is bogged down in endless wars and strife between warring factions.

The most prominent among them were:

Law and order are originally peaceful inhabitants, tired of the oppression of various pirates, bandits and other hostile representatives of various races. In the middle of the era of the stars, a hero appeared with unique abilities of perception, judgment and an unshakable sense of order and his name was Ankhdar. Gathering his like-minded people, the hero began to persecute and judge all who oppressed and endangered peaceful life. Very soon, all those who shared his views and wanted to bring order to the chaos hanging over the galaxy joined him. Thus, the Law and Order faction was created, under the auspices of Ankhdar.

Bounty Hunters are formerly free to pirate and bring death to anyone they wish. Loners - warriors, groups of marauders, seekers of quick money and other dishonest ones - met in every corner of any system. None of them shared a common goal and was ready to destroy anyone who got in their way. This was until the appearance of Ankhdar. Under heavy pressure from the hand of the law, a faction of bounty hunters was formed, accepting anyone who was ready to take the head of the hero and all his followers. Due to the lack of any hierarchy, the faction was on the verge of collapse. It was then that a tournament was held between the strongest representatives of the factions in order to identify the champion who would take the reins of the faction. Ishgur unconditionally became worthy of this honor, having single-handedly killed everyone in the tournament.

Scientists from both factions studying the evolution of the universe have noticed an abnormal increase in the expansion rate of Zero. After thorough calculations and elaboration of various scenarios for further evolution, they came to the unanimous conclusion that their home galaxy is rapidly approaching the Thermal Death. Around the end of the era of the stars, fighting and feuds between factions ceased and it was decided to launch the Genesis project.

The project meant to find a galaxy with the most suitable for life stars, select and train worthy representatives of all races and factions, to supply ships with everything necessary for the development of uncharted planets, extraction of resources, maintenance and procreation. The choice fell on the Milky Way, where shuttles prepared for a long flight began to be sent, while the entire staff was plunged into deep suspended animation.

Over time, the nature of chaos prevailed over Ishgur. He decided to make "changes" in the plans of the operation, as well as enslave everyone who can reach the sinister hands of the faction in order to enjoy absolute power before the collapse of the galaxy.

200 years later, the first colonial ships reached the planet Earth, where human progression, not without the influence of changes in the universe, brought all of humanity to the brink of extinction. New species of animals and mutants appeared on the planet, conquering cities and driving people out of them.

Some of the ships disappeared along the way, others crashed on different stars, while on the surviving ones, many system functions simply failed, and the hunter champion himself had a hand in various defects in the life support system and information base of some of the ships. After a hard landing, the systems for awakening personnel from hyper sleep were launched on the surviving ships. The awakened colonists have a long way to go from exploring and colonizing new territories, mining, interacting and confronting local life forms, to going out into space and trying to contact their factions from Zero. After all, they spent 200 years in hyper sleep, and all they have now are fragments of information about the operation, an erased memory and an initial set of tools for surviving in the new realities of the universe.