Crypto MMORPG Anunnaki us ERC20 token (AGS)

AGS can be purchased on the game website (presale only), exchangers, stock exchanges.

All items in the game can be sold through the auction.

The auction commission is 5% of the lot value (the maximum lot placement period is 1 month, the maximum number of simultaneously placed lots is 100 (can be increased for a symbolic fee in tokens), the commission is charged at the time of the lot placement based on the initial lot price if the initial lot price is lower than the final price lot sale (the price was raised by bids or buyout) the commission is charged from the difference between the initial price and the selling price of the lot at the time of sale. If the buyout was not set, but the price reached by the lot at the auction is currently suits the seller, the seller has the opportunity to complete auction (button sell for a valid offer).

For a comfortable start of economic activity by the player, the game provides for a "Bank" that issues perpetual loans to players with an in-game token (WBC), which can only be used to pay the auction commission, while the loan will be automatically repaid when the player receives AGS tokens on the player's balance (it doesn't matter from what source they were obtained from) The credit is 100 WBC tokens (a player cannot have more than 3 valid credits at the same time) .

The first 3 credits are provided to the player for free.

All subsequent credits are issued at a rate of 5% per 1 credit (for every 100 WBC taken from the bank, 105 AGS will be debited from the player's account when tokens are credited to the player's account, no matter what source they were received from.

The commission for withdrawing AGS tokens from the game on the ETH blockchain is set by the ETH network.

The sale of items can be realized through the store (in this case, the period for placing items for sale becomes unlimited, and the commission is 1%)