About «AGS» / Whitepaper

«AGS» – «Anunnaki galaxy system».

Massively multiplayer online RPG with an open world. User registration takes place through the game client, the user's address in the ETH network is used as a login, the user comes up with a password on his own. To ensure the safety and security of in-game property in case of loss of control over the game account, to recover the password, the user contacts the customer technical support employee and confirms the ownership of this account by sending 1 AGS token to the smart contract for replenishing the game balance, from the account login ETH address . Thus, unauthorized access to the account becomes possible only when gaining control over the user's address in the ETH network.

Every character in the AGS world has a payload.

All items without exception have weight (including ammunition).

All vehicles in the game have a weight of 0, when calculating the weight of this or that vehicle, the weight of the fuel + the weight of the attachments (armor, weapons, ammunition) + the weight of the items in the cargo hold are taken into account.

All items used have durability.

There are repairable and non-repairable items.

Non-repairable  items disappear from the player's inventory when the durability reaches 0.

 Repairable item acquire the status of "broken" and require certain resources from the game world to be repaired.

When a vehicle is destroyed, all modules of the vehicle are considered destroyed. If the vehicle was destroyed by the player, then he receives 50% of the items in the cargo hold.

Repairable modules, including the vehicle itself, if it is repairable, will be delivered to the player's warehouse 1 hour after destruction.

Upon death, the player loses all the resources in the backpack (loot, components, ore). If the player was killed by another player, the killing player receives 50% of the contents of the killed player's backpack + 2 reputation of the "Bounty Hunters" faction + reward from the faction if the killed there was a "contract". If the killed player had the “Bounty Hunter” status, the reputation of the killed player with the “Bounty Hunter” faction will be reduced by 1, the reputation of the killed player with the “Bounty Hunter” faction will be increased by 1, the reputation with the “Law and Order” faction will be increased by 2.If the killed player had the Law & Order status, his reputation with the Law & Order faction will be reduced by 1. The reputation of the killed player with the Law & Order faction will be reduced by 1, with the Bounty Hunters faction increased by 3. If the killed player had the “Bounty Hunter” status, and the killed player had the “Law & Order” status, the reputation of the killed player with the “Bounty Hunter” faction will be reduced by 2, the reputation of the killed player with the “Bounty Hunter” faction will be reduced by 1 , with the "Law & Order" faction increased by 3.

In order to start relations with factions, you need to complete quest chains (each faction has its own chain of execution does not affect the reputation with the opposite faction) .After completing the quest chain, the player has 10 reputation points for each faction. If the reputation points of one of the factions acquire a value of <= 0, then the quest chain with this faction will need to be completed again if the player is interested in relations with this faction.

As the player gains reputation points with the faction, the player becomes available to purchase items in the faction store (weapon modules, vehicles, limited edition armor, etc.).

The player's starter kit includes: a sword, a resource search device, a resource extraction device, these items cannot be broken, destroyed or thrown away.

The only means of payment in the world of AGS is the erc20 token (AGS).

erc20 token (AGS)

AGS can be purchased on the game website (presale only), exchangers, stock exchanges.

All items in the game can be sold through the auction.

The auction commission is 5% of the lot value. the maximum period for placing a lot is 1 month, the maximum number of simultaneously placed lots is 100 (can be increased for a nominal fee in tokens). the commission is charged at the time of placing the lot based on the initial price of the lot, if the initial price of the lot is lower than the final selling price of the lot (the price was raised by bids or the lot was bought out at the buyout price), the commission is charged from the difference between the initial price and the selling price of the lot at the moment the lot is sold. If the buyout price has not been set, but the price reached by the lot at the auction is currently satisfied by the seller, the seller has the opportunity to end the auction (the sell on a valid offer button).

For a comfortable start of economic activity by the player, the game provides for a "Bank" that issues perpetual loans to players with an in-game token (WBC), which can only be used to pay the auction commission, while the loan will be automatically repaid when the player receives AGS tokens on the player's balance (no matter from what source they were obtained from).

The credit is 100 WBC tokens (a player cannot have more than 3 valid credits at the same time).

The first 3 credits are provided to the player for free.

All subsequent credits are issued at a rate of 5% per 1 credit (for every 100 WBC taken from the bank, 105 AGS will be debited from the player's account when the tokens are credited to the player's account, no matter what source they were received from.

The commission for depositing and withdrawing AGS tokens from the game to the ETH blockchain and back is set by the ETH network.

The sale of items can be realized through the store. In the case of the sale of in-game real estate, the auction period becomes unlimited, and the commission is 1% of the total cost of the lot.


All weapons in the game are created by players using modular crafting, due to which the choice of weapons becomes almost limitless.

In the course of the game, the character can receive abilities of various orientations (as buffs) or acquire abilities from equipment (artifacts). Any weapon or piece of equipment, as well as transport, do not fall out of the character's backpack at the time of death.

Community system:

Communities have their own treasury, bank, warehouse, buildings, some resources and in-game items can be mined or manufactured only by members of communities that meet the requirements of mining or crafting. For example: uranium mining and its subsequent processing into plutonium can only be carried out by members of communities with a security system skill of at least 5 with a number of at least 10 active players, the maximum number of players in the community is 200. Communities can enter into alliances with other communities for the purpose of joint economic, military, or other activities, while community members can highlight members of the allied community in the target system in a certain color. Community buildings can be destroyed, everything except the central building (laboratories, production line, power plants).

To attack buildings or structures of a community, you must declare war on this community, while attacks on structures will be available after 2 hours from the moment of declaring war. At the moment of declaring war on the community, all members of the community will receive a notification that the war has started. A truce can be concluded no earlier than 72 hours after the declaration of war and must be approved by both parties to the conflict.

At the moment of receiving damage to buildings or structures of the community, all members of the community also receive a notification about an attack on a building or structure with the exact coordinates of the attacked object.

When a building or structure is destroyed, the players who took part in the attack receive 50% (on all) of the resources required  for the construction of this building or structure .As well  50% (on all) of the resources, if any, were in the building at the time of destruction, stored in the building or were in the process of refining/manufacturing. The amount of resources each player receives is directly proportional to the inflicted damage. In a random order, when destroyed, a blueprint of this building or structure may drop out.


Territories in the AGS world have the statuses: safe, dangerous, private, community territory (entry into the territory is possible only by members of the community to which it belongs), toxic (periodic toxin damage to be in the area requires special equipment), radioactive (periodic radiation damage to find special equipment required in the area), combat zone.

A territory acquires the status of a war zone if in the last 15 minutes within a radius of 1 km in this territory any building or structure has received damage. While characters entering the war zone and not related to one of the parties to the conflict cannot observe neutrality and must choose one of the parties to the conflict (pop-up message) or leave this territory. Damage to players, allied buildings or structures is not possible.
If a safe location acquired the status of a war zone at a time when the player was already in this territory and he does not want to take part in the conflict, he can remain neutral, while the player will be teleported to the nearest border of the war zone.

The status of a war zone is removed from the territory if within 30 minutes no building or structure located in this territory has received damage within a radius of 1 km.



Crafting system:

Players craft all in-game items from ammunition to spaceships. The chance of success in crafting something is influenced only by the level of the character's skills in crafting the selected type of things, but it cannot be more than 95%.At birth, each character has a basic list of items that he can make. To expand the list, the character must acquire blueprints, which can be done for example, by purchasing on auction, found in the game world (find, dig, receive as a reward for killing a monster or character), and use it in one of the structures for crafting items (depending on what type of structure is needed to make this item).

Most of these buildings are owned by AGS, are public and cannot be destroyed, some buildings (for example, a nuclear fusion chamber) can only be built by the community. Unused blueprints, when a character is in a dangerous location and dies, will either be destroyed or drop out as a reward to the killing player.

If a character dies from a npc in any of the locations, the blueprint in the backpack will be destroyed. Researching the already studied technology (blueprint) has no effect on the character.

Resource search and extraction system:

Each character at the beginning of the game receives a basic set for searching and extracting resources (a search device and an extractor); these items cannot be destroyed or thrown away.

All fossil resources in the game have characteristics of weight and depth (min, max).

The search device has the following characteristics: search radius, maximum search depth, strength. Upon reaching the strength of 0, the device is destroyed (limit), the unlimited device requires repair (90% of the resources required to manufacture a similar limit device), with the exception of the starting search device, it does not break. The search device loses 0.1 units. strength for every minute of using the device i.e. a device with a durability of 10 will work for 100 minutes, after which its durability will reach 0.

To activate the device, you must equip the device. The resources found by the device will be displayed on the device screen as dots with a description of the type of resource found (iron ore, copper ore, etc.), and the depth of the resource.

When a resource is found, the player, using the device, arrives at the location of the resource, having arrived at the place - it is necessary to equip the extractor.

The extractor has the following characteristics: maximum extraction depth, strength.

If the depth of the discovered resource is greater than the maximum extraction depth, the resource will not be extracted, and the strength of the device will decrease by 1. Upon reaching the strength of 0, the device is destroyed (limit). the unlimited device requires repair (90% of the resources required to make a similar limit device, with the exception of the starting resource extractor - it does not break. The resource extractor loses 0.01 durability for each kilogram of ore extracted. The device can be interrupted by the player at any time by returning the device to inventory.

During the extraction process, the ore mined by the extractor appears next to the device and can be picked up by any character. the extractor belongs directly to the player and can only be removed from the place of extraction. In the event of the player's death, the resource extractor is removed from the mining site automatically and transferred to the player's warehouse.